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A kind of terrain piece. The logic behind this range is that all relevant characters come both mounted and dismounted. So, for example,  your figure Liberty Valance rides into town and dismounts, intent on mischief. He 'parks' his horse and moves on. However you need to mark where he left his horse as he made need to find it in a hurry. Certainly if he was robbing a bank.


So this set comes with a hitching post and two horses plus separate stirrups for you to fix as you wish. The hicthing post comes with a base so is stand alone. You can then place the horses when they are 'parked'. Or you can do as I have done in the picture and base them. 


Please note that there are no reins. The ones in the picture have been added by cutting some thin paper. This also allows you to do the old cowboy trick of training your horse to stand still when you dropped the reins. Evidently they tied the reins to rocks until they were trained. So model some horses with the reins hanging straight down. 


The models come un painted and unbased and without added tumbleweed.  


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