Nations at War Compendium


Here it is one glorious package, Nations At War (NaW) Compendium Volume 1 – 2nd Edition. This Compendium includes all the articles and scenarios from our Line of Fire magazine, Airborne and Operation Cobra expansions all in one package. 

You will cover fighting with Allied forces fighting in Europe on the Western Front during 1944-45. The battles fought by British and American paratroopers at Normandy and the events surrounding the Allied breakout known as Operation Cobra from the Normandy beachhead in July-August 1944. Operation Cobra adds the Canadians, the Free French, and the Free Polish to the Nations at War series in addition to new units for the Americans, the British, and the Germans.

The NaW Compendium gives you three campaigns, Normandy, Operations Cobra, and Arnhem. It's a game of risk and reward as players must learn to conserve their forces. The more lives you spend during one scenario, the fewer theyíll have to start the next. However, the more objectives players complete earn them more points which they can use to outfit and re-fit their forces. 

You receive from the campaigns a combined 13 scenarios plus an additional 15 stand-alone scenarios and another 15 scenarios from our Line of Fire magazine for a total of 43 scenarios in total as well as two redesigned maps. NaW Compendium Vol. 1 – 2nd Edition is the joining of two previously released expansions titled Airborne, Operation Cobra and all the NaW scenarios from Line of Fire magazine. We have cleaned up the scenarios, redesigned and updated the maps and put everything into our new NaW series style.


Requirements: Ownership of White Star Rising Second Edition and Desert Heat Second Edition is required to use this product. This product contains some previously released material from Airborne, Operation Cobra, and Issues of Line of Fire magazine.