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Gwalior/Other Local Contingent or Oude Irregular Force Sepoys in regulation uniform and shakos attacking.


Note that by 1857 the shako was no longer used by the regular regiments of Bengal Native Infantry (BNI). It was, however, widely retained amongst the EIC sponsored infantry regiments in the employ of the independent statelets. Note that one casting is duplicated in the code of four. When at length the Gwalior Contingent joined the fighting around Cawnpore and Lucknow, it initially took the field in full uniform as portrayed here. It's likely that shakoes and forage caps would both have been worn in the infantry regiments of the Gwalior Contingent and the Oude Irregular Force, so when modelling such regiments it would be fine to mix IMBC 18 figures in with the IMBC 45 figures below. 


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