Pit Master

The ultimate Frostgrave deal. The Pit Master deal gives you one of everything released and about to be released in the Frostgrave range.

You get:

Three books: Frostgrave, Thaw of the Lich Lord & Into the Breeding Pits.

Fourteen Wizard Packs.

Fifteen Soldier packs

Fifteen Bestiary packs

Four new Gnoll packs.

Thee Plastic Box Sets

Two Character packs, the Ghoul Kind and the Genie.

Free stuff: All three Frostgrave treasue token packs, the Lich Lord figure, the Gnoll Warchief figure and the Barbarian Chief figure. You also get the free Wizard Sheet.

GNICK6 Pit Master

$580.00 Regular Price
$551.00Sale Price