Pit Lord

Level Five Gnickstarter Pre-order.

One copy of Into The Breeding Pits.

One box of plastic Frostgrave Gnolls. The box contains twenty multi-part plastic figures. 

Eight metal Frostgrave Gnolls. The Gnolls specialist soldiers include a thief, barbarian, apthocary, warhound, tracker, marksman, knight and templar. 

Six metal Frostgrave Wizards. You get a Beastcrafter and apprentice, a new Soothsayer and apprentice and a new Elementalist and apprentice. 

Two metal Specialist Soldiers, the new Trap Expert and Tunnel Fighters.

Free Wizard Sheet from Osprey, a card screen that includes a quick reference sheet and warband record sheet for both your Wizard and their soldiers. Each Pit Lord also receives a free figure of a Barbarian Chief. 

One copy of the rulebook, Frostgrave, and a copy of the first supplement, Thaw of the Lich Lord. 

One set each of the Frostgrave Soldiers and the Frostgrave Cultists.

Two free metal figures, the Lich Lord and the Gnoll Warchief.

GNICK5 Pit Lord

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