A selection of rules to complement Empress and Crusader Miniatures 28mm figures.

Chain of CommandChain of Command
Rules for WWII Combat at Platoon Level

Chain of Command brings the innovative Lardie approach to platoon level combat in WWII. Also be sure to check the TFL web site for PDF's adapting the rules to the Spanish Civil War. Variants also exist for French Indochina and Modern combat.


Through the Mud and BloodThrough the Mud and Blood
Rules for Large Scale WWI Skirmishes

Aimed at large scale skirmish actions in the Great War, with between 30 and 120 figures a side, and are based around the actions of leaders in battle. As well as the main rules there is a supplementary section covering the organization and tactics of the Germans, French, British and US forces and details of WWI artillery tactics. Perfect for trench raid and platoon and company level engagements from 1914 to 1918. Packed with super period detail.


Rules for Gladiatorial Combat

Players take the role of a Lanista, establish their own Ludus and battle their way from illegal fight pits on the fringes of the Roman Empire to the Arenas of Italy and eventually, with luck and skill, the Coliseum itself! Each player will need a set of JUGULA cards and 4 Gladiator models.


Jugula Cards

Jugula Card Deck - $12.00

Jugula Mat

Jugula Vinyl Play Mat - $38.00

Muskets and TomahawksMuskets & Tomahawks
Skirmishes in North America in the 18th Century

Muskets & Tomahawks immerses players in the tactical feel of warfare of this era as they lead their forces to accomplish their assigned mission. Forces range from 20 to 100 figures. Card activation using the included deck provides a game with constant interaction that accurately recreates the chaos of the period.


Death in the Dark ContinentDeath in the Dark Continent
Rules for Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa 1870-1900

Chris Peers' rules for a set of table-top gaming rules for refighting the conflicts of Sub-Saharan Africa between the years 1870 and 1900. The rules give equal emphasis to the wars between the African nations and tribes as to the conflicts between natives and encroaching European powers. Includes a fast-play sheet on the back.


Triumph and TragedyTriumph and Tragedy
Skirmish Wargame Rules 1900-1939

Rules spanning everything from the Great War to the “Interwar years” from 1914-c1939, allowing players to re-enact adventures in such diverse settings as Russia, China, India and South America. Triumph and Tragedy offers pulp flavor in a system flexible enough to work for more strictly historical settings as well.



BG Kursk

Battlegroup Kursk

Easy-to-learn, fast-to-play, hard-to-master gaming rules with an authentic feel for the combined-arms warfare of the period, utilising the innovative ‘Battle Rating’ system.



BG Barbarossa

Battlegroup Barbarossa

Army lists, vehicle data and special rules for the beginning of the war on the Eastern Front, including the frozen winter battles, Russian command chaos and the swift Panzermarsch! Seven new army lists (German, Russian, Hungarian, Finnish, and Rumanian), modelling guides, and a mini campaign.


Battlegroup Overlord Battlegroup Overlord

Thirteen detailed army lists including German Panzer, Eratz Panzer, Falschirmjaeger, US and British Armoured, Infantry and Airborne divisions. Extensively researched background and equipment data, including specialist equipment for amphibious assaults and 21st Panzer Division conversions. New scenarios and historical re-fights.


Battlegroup Fall of the Reich
Battlegroup Fall of the Reich

Four new army lists (Russian, British and American armoured spearheads pitted against “Defenders of the Reich” ad hoc battlegroups from Germany’s last desparate levy), modelling guides and a mini campaign for the breakthrough to Berlin.


Battlegroup Mini-Rules Battlegroup Mini-Rules

Easy-to-learn, fast-to-play, hard-to-master gaming rules with an authentic feel for the combined-arms warfare of the period, utilising the innovative ‘Battle Rating’ system.



Battles for Empire

A classic set of big battle Colonial rules from Chris Leach


Patriots and Loyalists

Rules for the American Revolution


Mr. Lincoln's War

Regimental rules for the American Civil War


Revolution and Empire

Napoleonic Rules from Emperor's Headquarters (Retail $50.00)


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