A selection of rules to complement Empress Miniatures 28mm figures.

Death in the Dark ContinentDeath in the Dark Continent
Rules for Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa 1870-1900

Chris Peers' rules for a set of table-top gaming rules for refighting the conflicts of Sub-Saharan Africa between the years 1870 and 1900. The rules give equal emphasis to the wars between the African nations and tribes as to the conflicts between natives and encroaching European powers. Includes a fast-play sheet on the back.


Triumph and TragedyTriumph and Tragedy
Skirmish Wargame Rules 1900-1939

Rules spanning everything from the Great War to the “Interwar years” from 1914-c1939, allowing players to re-enact adventures in such diverse settings as Russia, China, India and South America. Triumph and Tragedy offers pulp flavor in a system flexible enough to work for more strictly historical settings as well.


Libertad o Muerte
Triumph and Tragedy: Libertad o Muerte
Spanish Civil War Supplement

New rules include signalers detailed special actions, pre-constructed vehicles for WW1 and the SCW, detailed rules for aircraft attacks. Also includes comprehensive army lists for the Spanish Civil War.


Triumph and Tragedy ColonialTriumph and Tragedy Colonial Supplement

Provides new rules and army lists for the Colonial Age to play small skirmishes as well as larger battles set in the zenith of colonialism, the 19th century. Although this book is primarily designed as guideline to recreating the battles of the British Empire and its adversaries, you can easily adopt these rules for any colonial conflict on every continent.


Operation Squad Modern War

Operation Squad Modern War

These simple and intuitive rules will help you simulate the combats that engulf modern-day hot-spots like the Middle East. Inside you'll find Army Lists for Americans, British and Italians; there are American Marines and Italian Bersaglieri, Republican Guard and Afghan rebels, for a total of eight possible armies! Each weapon and army has been given a points value to allow balanced scenarios that are also historically accurate.

The use of tables is minimal, and the whole system is based around a handful of six-sided dice. The rules also contain three scenarios covering typical missions: Recon, Finding documents and Freeing a hostage. There's lots of variety to give you hours of fun.


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